The Scoop 

When my oldest son turned 17,  I realized the desire to create an ice cream shop stayed withe all these years.  This dream was bigger than any worry that was holding me back…. So during a point in my life, when I was a single mom, raising 3 boys, 2 cats, working full time in corporate IT sales, and volunteering my time establishing Slow Food Cape Cod, I knew something needed to shift, and I made the leap.

I guess you can say this is my side hustle, and has been for a long while. I have always kept a corporate IT job, in sales, and I still do with GlassHouse Systems

On the side I followed my culinary passion through education.  I worked hard to earn certifications from Peter Kumps in NYC ( French Culinary), Boston University and The Culinary Institute (Food Writing/Recipe Development), Penn State and Malcolm Stogo  (Ice Cream).

As my children were young I developed recipes for Family Fun Magazine, wrote a cooking newsletter called Gourmet Mom, and worked for Disney creating online recipes for their website.