Meet Our Founder

Mary DeBartolo


 The Local Scoop opened its doors in Orleans, July 2012, the fulfillment of my lifelong dream. As a kid I filled numerous journals with elaborate ideas for ice cream recipes and packaging design. I was in awe of the Dairy Queen on the corner of Roosevelt Avenue, where I grew up on the West Side of Stamford CT.

I attended college in Boston at Northeastern, at the time Steve’s Ice Cream in Summerville burst onto the scene. All I could think about was designing a scoop of their homemade vanilla ice cream with cookies and candies and anything else I could imagine, they would mix in. Academics and the pursuit of my degree in psychology, which somehow morphed into marketing luckily was also as important. Food was my passion, and I sold advertisement for the Northeastern News to every pizza and gyro joint on Huntington Avenue. Lunch became vanilla soft serve ice cream, which my roommate and I rationalized as being healthy, low calorie and affordable, since that was all we ate. Upon graduation, I landed a corporate job in computer sales for General Dynamics in New York City. With an expense account, a passion for food, and one of the first Zagat books in hand, I explored and sampled my way through the city. Corporate consumed my time by day, and at night I attend culinary school- Peter Kumps on the upper West Side to be exact.

For love I moved to the suburbs Natick MA, just outside of Boston. I continued the pattern of corporate by day, education at night, this time at BU Culinary School. I also worked at Park Street Ice Cream shop to gain some experience. I longed for NYC, and realized I needed to be smack in the middle of city life,  or way on the outskirts. My mom had a home in Eastham, and after a visit in October, I my life as a wash-ashore began.  For me, living on Cape Cod feels like living in a fairy tale land. The beauty of the landscape continues to take my breath away. I love both the bustle of the summer, which totally contrasts to the desolate, quiet beauty of winter. 

As a founding member of Slow Food Cape Cod Chapter, which supports local farmers & food artisans, we have incorporated these concepts and ideals into our scoop shop.

We like to say “A Local Delight In Every Bite” and are working hard to provide a “Farm to Ice Cream” experience 

We created a line of Artisan Handmade Popsicles - using an organic base we handcraft our homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt and fruit bases into popsicles, many are dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with local Cape Cod ingredients